Le code de seduction (Code of Seduction) by Serge Dumonten is a new sensual revelation from maestro Dumonten. Contradictory, mysterious     and intoxicating, however, like all Dumontin's works, the aroma of   forbidden lust captivates with chords of determination to conquer and seduce, gradually plunging into the arms of tenderness and caress of soft touches, giving a feeling of boundless sensuality and pleasure.
It harmoniously shimmers with shades and is replaced by semitones. Like silk canvases sliding along the curves of the thin body of a beautiful stranger, slowly exposing velvety skin with a tart, powdery-gentle, slightly sweet smell that intoxicates the mind. The composition painfully slowly reveals to us more and more facets of the Art of Seduction Itself...
The fragrance harmoniously combines many perfume trends and that is why everyone will find in it something personal and mysterious, but understandable and intimate, capable of delivering true bliss or just driving you crazy...

Aroma composition: thin sweetish-fruity peach flesh with a creamy citrus tinge. Apple blossom and tart freshness of blackcurrant leaves. Chocolate-fruity notes of patchouli with warm woody-herbal accords. The sensuality of musk and the frank appeal of velvety rose petals serve as the perfect weapon of seduction!  
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