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In the subtext of the perfume work, the mythological plot of the story of the girl Psyche (other Greek - "soul", "breath") is disguised. The personification of the soul and the harmony of breathing, a girl of unearthly beauty with butterfly wings.

Whenever the author begins to write on a perfume canvas, guided by the fantasies of the past and present... Every time one of us falls in love ...
whether it's him or her, every corner of our soul, every cell of our body generates inexplicable emotions
of emotion and euphoria, confusion and despair, doubt and peace...
Fight! In which we sometimes take revenge for persecution or lack of attention, then the tenderest and unrestrained love breaks out between us - in which there are no frames and boundaries ..
The scenario of this futuristic composition begins with an abstract game of wild fern, metallic geranium with salty notes, the mossy shore of a wild lake dotted with saffron and basil petals.
The middle chords of this strange composition float away into our consciousness like a translucent fog with notes of unobtrusive wood-leather accents, moss and vetiver.

Fragrance group: Aquatic, Fougere, Abstract
Top notes: Geranium, fern leaf, sea notes, basil
Heart notes: Saffron, rhubarb, suede notes, pink pepper, clove
Base notes: Ambroxan, wood-leather chords, moss, vetiver.
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