Nicolaus Amatus

Страна производства Франция
Nicolaus Amatus - this signature of the creator in Latin was put by the great violin maker Nicolo Amati in 1640 on the first perfect sample of the violin, which is now known as the Grand Amati Pattern. The instrument was distinguished by increased parameters, a specially curved curl and enhanced sound, without loss of timbre quality. The case was covered with a transparent varnish with an amber shade. With his new fragrance, the perfumer tried to recreate and convey the olfactorially subtle art of creating and ingenious sounding creations, the violin master of the Renaissance, Nicolo Amati.

Italy, Cremona, XVI-XVII centuries
Cramped streets of medieval Cremona, bronze balconies, flower beds.
The fractional sound of chariots on a large bruschatka ...
the old violin workshop of the Amati family.
A thick fragrance of the lonely creativity of a genius, secret lacquers and oils, exquisite shapes, divine sounds and rhythms...
We breathe in the thick, woody-resinous atmosphere of the greedy and incessant creativity of the Great Italian, the smell of strings standing in balsamic oils unique in their properties... future violins and cellos awaiting the beginning of their fixing and tuning ... Whose beauty and sound will be enjoyed by brilliant violinists all over the world, mesmerizing the strict forms of high halls, exuding an atmosphere of euphoria and now for many centuries, stealing the attention and souls of listeners...

Fragrance group: Resinous, woody-spicy, smoky, warm
Top notes: Incense, white tobacco, agarwood, beeswax
Heart notes: Woody resin, vanilla absolute, smoky chords
Base notes: Oud wood, resin, amber, tar, black musk

Volume: 50 ml
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