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Elixir A drug from Maestro Dumontin is like a witchcraft potion or poison that instantly penetrates under the skin, instantly gaining power over every cell of your body, every drop of your blood ... The truth is that each of us is ready to pay much more for a real Elixir of Love than he can afford ... The true talent of a perfumer is to reveal the recipe for a witch's potion and embody it in a fragrance ... a fragrance that steals your breath and fogs your mind ... a fragrance that you want more and more with every breath, with which you can seduce and enchant , but it is hardly possible to disenchant ...

Overtonal accords of mystical sandalwood resin melted on hot coals and smoldering Grenadil.
The freshest honey nectar from wax honeycombs.
Damn beautifully and subtly enveloping the consciousness shade of Black Musk with its carnal animalistic flavor.
Narcotic breath of marijuana on bitter orange peel.
And something else that the perfumer did not reveal to us, which may well become the fruit of our imagination...
If this contradicts your ideas about perfumery, and well-being after this Aroma is not included in your plans - do not try this aroma!
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