"Summer Rain" (Summer Rain) A light, soft, watercolor fragrance will take you to a white flower garden after a warm summer shower. You will hear those notes, those aromas that you have never listened to. And it will be a revelation for you...
Young greenery of a flowering garden, where there are lilacs, chestnuts and bird cherry.  As well as thin, delicate, barely audible, most delicate jasmine,  the scent of lily of the valley brought by the wind from a neighboring meadow,  dandelion greenery is sweet and bitter at the same time. This is a summer garden with plenty of  sultry air, sun and  wet leaves. No cloying, no harshness, only the freshness of nature itself. This fragrance will change your idea of ​​white flowers!  How maestro Dumontin managed to enclose the smells of nature itself in a bottle is beyond any understanding!

Fragrance composition: Ozone notes, apple blossom, jasmine, lilac, lily of the valley, oregano, wet bird cherry, rain notes.
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