The fragrance was created by a perfumer for the Great Actor. The author was inspired to create the fragrance by the plot of Bernardo Bertolucci's painting "Escaping Beauty". This is the last film with the participation of the master of French cinema ...

The aroma of a story from a past life filled with the air that was breathed by the one who drove half the world of women crazy with one glance ... We must decide and breathe in this air and drown in it and find ourselves where the rain that suddenly exploded the Tuscan heat poured down, dousing the green intoxicating the freshness of lavender and ferns castello di Brolio estate, where young Liv Tyler, smelling of virginity, sage and jasmine wine, fights off a random admirer in the frame of "Escaping Beauty" ... Where screams are heard, as always disagreeing with anyone and nothing, obsessed with an eternal idea perverted sex, wet from rain and sweat by Bernardo Bertolucci.... What an infinitely elusive mystery of an episode of a brilliantly lived life of a genius in this bottle, created by a maniacal perfumer for Him and understandable only to Him, a gray-haired master - will remain only with him... As forever left in Sienna, a massive armchair with a parasol, the smell of sultry vetiver and aged leather, and with the words "Jean Mare" half-erased on the back.
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